Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Encountered a fantastic radio show online that you can download in MP3 format (I like to listen to podcasts while driving). The show is "Let's Get Baked with Mat and Dave" - it's billed as a vegan baking show but it's more like Y-Generation meets Wayne's World meets Mister Rogers meets Julia Childs. Excelllent! On the show, Mat and Dave meet in their kitchen with a different music band each week to cook something vegan. During the show I listened to today, Newfoundland band The Novaks were in the kitchen, and Mat and Dave prepared a Newfoundland dish of potato biscuits. Inserted into the show was also a telephone interview with Marian Francis White, Newfoundland poet and vegan cookbook author whose cookbook is entitled, "Eldamar". Later in the show, different music was played featuring the Novaks, another musician they colloborate with (and side interview from a record release party) and a folk song about Newfoundland mumming. Complete with recipe, tips on making it, and reactions from all in the kitchen while sampling the final product. I'll definitely be downloading other epidodes, especially the Gravy Pie episode which includes an interview with Wavy Gravy. This show rates 5 carrots!


isaiah said...

Nice to meet you (by way of Darrell the Greatful Bear). You look like you're enjoying yourself on Oahu.

While on Oahu did you happen to take in the Byodo-In Temple or see the Kwan Yin statue near the Waikiki Hilton?


Celeste said...

Hi Isaiah! You recognized where that photo was taken! I was sitting at the Sandbar in Waikiki. (I have a Waikiki webcam loaded as one of my browser homepages). Will get back one day in the not too far future.

YES, I did go to the Byodo-In Temple. I will post a photo of it in an above post. What a place.

I didn't see the Kwan Yin statue at the Hilton, but I did see the Kwan Yin Temple in China Town as well as the Zen Temple and a Kwan Yin altar in the middle of the China Town market.

If you go to Oahu, I strongly recommend a visit to the Kwan Yin Temple. HUGE statue and gorgeous temple and grounds. Next to the botanical gardens, which are also amazing.

isaiah said...

I have been to Oahu and visited the Byodo-In Temple, but not the Kwan Tin.

Oahu is one of my most favorite places on the Earth!

Samll world, isn't it!