Thursday, June 29, 2006

Concrete Counter Tops?

Yes! Mitch is busy creating new, luxe concrete counter tops in our new kitchen (also his creation). Concrete counter tops are luxury custom jobs, many of them works of art. I have seen photos of tops with fossils and crystals embedded, and finishes that look exactly like copper. Luckily I have a husband who seems capable of building anything.

In the photos above, you see the cabinets he built by hand, as well as the wood floors he built. Now he is working on the frame for the concrete top, which is why you can see beamed support around the periphery of the counter's cabinet base. When finished, the counter will have a stove top and work area, as well as seating.

The counter will have a wavy curve pattern to accomodate traffic towards the porch door, the stove top, and will end in a rounded shape where stools can be pushed under the top for storage, or for leg space when sitting at the counter.

In the closeup photo, the white area shows where the concrete will be (curved shape). The rest of what you are seeing is the supportive form for the concrete (this photo doesn't show the depth).

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911EMD said...

Irish, your DH is very talented, please share pics of the completed concrete counter tops I can't wait to see them.